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TV Distribution Services

Put your message where it needs to be

Marked Media is a premier content distribution agency in North America.  Our management, marketing and affiliate partners have a combined 100 years of experience within the broadcast, cable, and advertising industry.  Our clients span across multiple industries including traditional television networks, home shopping, infomercial, faith based programming, and emerging television networks.  Marked Media is experienced with all aspects of network and content management – long and short format, video production, and website coordination.
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Shopping, Infomercials & Transactional

Let Marked Media get your content into the homes of potential customers. We work with all major distributors, and can get placement in the markets you need for success.  Not only can Marked Media manage the content and distribution, we can also help you create it — and get your website ready to handle the increase in traffic and sales activity.

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Faith & Family Networks

Marked Media is well-versed in the distribution of faith and family content. We know the terrain and can help you deliver your message to the right audiences, effectively and efficiently. Because the needs of faith and family broadcasters is unique, so is our approach to distribution of this programming. Let Marked Media help you get your message out!

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Transport-Ad Insertion Solutions

Marked Media is experienced in all aspects of transport ad insertion, including traffic and billing, automation, digital compression, video service and digital splicing. Marked Media works with distributors and content creators to arrive at seamless insertion with no hassle. Unlock the full potential of your advertising revenue stream!

Marked Media has the network experience to bring your message to the broadest possible audience.

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